Our job: to support you in a global and personalized wealth strategy

Investment advice and wealth strategy | Baussant Conseil

Our job: to support you in a personalized global strategy for the management of your assets, in complete independence.

We offer you personalized follow-up. For this, our business revolves around two main areas:

The advisory approach

Our consulting missions come in two forms:

Punctual consulting services

Our team of advisors can produce global audit or establish a specific advisory note on several subjects such as:

  • The optimization of the organization of your wealth
  • The organization of a retirement plan
  • The preparation of the inheritance and protection of the spouse
  • The management of real estate taxation
  • The assistance in the division an liquidation of an estate
  • The development of a supplementary income

Long term accompaniment

This formula allows you to benefit from a personalized service, consisting of:

  • Globally supporting you in managing your wealth
  • Taking care of your family’s estate from an intergenerational perspective
  • Updating the organization of your estate choices over time
  • Supporting you in your projects (real estate purchase, donation, etc.)
  • Reacting and anticipating legislative evolutions as best as possible
  • Faire le lien entre vos différents interlocuteurs patrimoniaux habituels (centre des impôts, notaire, expert-comptable, avocat,…)
  • Making the link between your various professional specialists (tax authorities, notary, accountants, lawyers, etc.)

Saving you time, in particular by relieving yourself of the main administrative formalities.

The selection of investments

After specifying your personal objectives, we will offer you a selection of suitable investments, selected according to our rigorous specifications.

We systematically justify our choices in writing, presenting the essential characteristics of these solutions, their main advantages and their risks. You will be able to make your decisions with full knowledge of the implications and characteristics.

Our main areas of intervention: life insurance, retirement savings, SCPI, PEA.

Our remuneration

Some services will be subjected to fee invoices in accordance to our letter of mission witch will specify the objectives, the calendar, as well as the amount of the fees.

Baussant Conseil (*) also receives commissions and / or retrocession of commissions paid by product promoters (one-off costs, recurring costs, transaction costs, marginal costs and fees associated with ancillary services). Baussant Conseil can provide any additional information on the nature and amount of its compensation upon request.

(*) Baussant Conseil provides non-independent advice as defined by MiFID 2. You can find more information in our initial relationship document: : “Document d’entrée en relation.