Baussant Conseil’s ethical charter

Baussant Conseil has written a Code of ethics with our philosophy and values. Each employee signed this Code and supports it, always with the goalof providing customers with the best services.


The objective of this Code of ethics is to develop rules of ethics and conduct. Each employee choose to adhere to this code and commits to the values it provides.

Commitments to our customers

  • Make customer service our priority
  • Establish personalized and impartial recommendations based on the objectives of our client
  • Work to establish and maintain trusting relationship
  • Work in accordance to the prevention and management of conflicts of interest
  • Select our suppliers and recommend investments in all objectivity
  • Advise our clients in accordance with the strictest legality
  • Respect professional secrecy and guarantee confidentiality to our customers

Internal operating principles

  • Show respect toward all of the firm’s collaborators
  • Work with rigor and seriousness
  • Regularly update our knowledge and skills
  • Encourage a positive team spirit, combining honesty and conviviality
  • Pass on our experience and know-how internally
  • Transmettre notre expérience et notre savoir-faire en interne
  • Act in accordance and respect to the image of Baussant Conseil

Commitments to our suppliers

  • Commit to respect anti-money laundering prevention procedures
  • Respect the legal and regulatory obligations requested by suppliers
  • Comply with internal procedures specific to each supplier
  • Respect our suppliers in our daily relationships
Written in September 2009 and signed by the entire Baussant Conseil team.
Updated in September 2016.